Gallbladder Removal Surgery

One day I have this super painful stomach ache I thought it was usual but this seems different when sleeping I couldn't go to the sides and had trouble breathing, as my stomach moved from each breath hurt. So we went to the emergency where it's just 100 meters from my house to the hospital. I've been given something that eases the pain, not right away the pain is gone but it takes about 20 minutes to kick in. I was hoping that the next day the pain goes away but it didn't so the next day I went to RSCP to find any slot for an internist doctor available. When I was about to check with the doctor, it says that my temperature is about 38 degrees, so I was sent to the emergency had a swab and PCR, then to the waiting bed in the emergency.

After a while, I was taken to ultrasonography where they spotted sands or some anomaly somewhere around my gallbladder. After a while, they give us a transit room, but it was not bad, I was thinking the transit room would be 1 room with 3 other patients but it's not. After I had the result of the PCR then they moved me to a better room, it wasn't bad.

Each day new doctor arrived from a more specific internist suggested by my main doctor then the specific internist explained that this needs to be taken out then after talking to the surgeon they had the same explanation so decided to take it out.

At the day of surgery, needed to fast for the first 8 hours, when going in to the surgical room it was so cold, doctor anesthesiology ask for the fast and asked my height and weight then it just went blank just like when you're about to pass out from drinking to much just like that it went blank.

This removal of my gallbladder took around 2 days to heal but still, it was hard to cough or sneeze, from this surgery my breath is better and doesn't hurt anymore. Just wish there was a community for this as we don't know what to do, made my own deduction that I need to eat anything that has no cholesterol in it.

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