Fire incident near our house

As I went back from the office, upon getting in my car, my daughter called with a panic voice, that there was a fire behind the house. As I heard this I went straight home without thinking why didn't I just leave the car at the office. Midway through the home, I started to feel nervous/scared as I stepped on it through the traffic but wasn't friendly so I decided to put my car in 1park, while meeting the Gojek with a cake that he couldn't get through our house because of the fire. I asked the Gojek to drive me to the location as he could then I walked, as I walked some dude in the path kept horning on the wrong side of the road and didn't care and kept walking. As I got nearer, the smoke was so big that it gave me the shivers and kept on saying Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un .

I was ready, meaning that I shouldn't be scared of this, all my 5 sense was at their peak but was calm and could think clearly. I had the mindset this could happen to anyone but was sincere if there was something happened to the house but I couldn't bear it if something happened to my family.

When getting close to my house, indeed, I couldn't pass through the road as there was electricity everywhere while someone shouting that I couldn't get through but I knew there was a way to get through so I found a small place that led to somewhere and found that I can climb through the gates, and so I did.

Alhamdulillah my family is safe, I wanted to do something, I knew that I could do something, I played with fire when I was a kid, I'm pretty comfortable with fire so I knew I wanted to do something. My wife forbids me to do something, and probably doesn't want to lose me so think twice about doing anything but I was confident and to do something.

Fire started to off about 8 to 9 o'clock, kudos to firefighters. Our family went to a related place, but me and brother in law stayed at the house in case something happened.

We had a bag full of important stuff as we anticipated something like this would happen, were grateful that we were ready for something like this (fire/earthquake).

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