Extending Car Registration Quinquennial

I made a lot of mistakes this past few years regarding car registration, that is not paying yearly tax for car registration and having so many problems along the way. So my car has 2 years of unpaid tax and now upcoming quinquennial tax.

So I have to go to this PKB and pay the unpaid tax first, so I thought it would be 3 million but I had to pay another million rupiah for the fine. When I went to the form below, the payment hadn't been submitted yet and someone wanted to help of course it's a broker, so I said no. Just keep walking and try to find someone that works there.

After the online form is working, then print it and give it to the 5-year counter. Turns out the address on the registration and identification is different, so I had to get back to the physical check and change the address there then go to update identification on the 2nd floor. This time I had to wait 3 days to get this done, I don't know why because he said if there was more time he could even do it today.

If I could do it again, this is what I would do :

  • Go straight to physical check - I had to park somewhere in the building to confirm where to go first.
  • Bring a Pen and some cash - I had to buy a pen somewhere outside the place and pay for physical checking.
  • Always pay your yearly registration - the fine is pretty high, I could've just paid every time after I go praying in Gandaria City, so add that to your calendar.
  • If you can pay a trusted broker to pay then just pay the broker, he needs to know how to drive though, all you need is power of attorney with a 10k duty stamp.

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