Courses Adventure

I will post all my complete courses here, each of these courses would learn something even though it's just a bit but it helps me to continue staying up to date. So I have 2 accounts one is mine "Ian Madindo" and "Gudang Pelangi" which is our company account.

  1. Nuxt.js - Vue.js on Steroids

Build highly engaging Vue JS apps with Nuxt.js. Nuxt adds easy server-side-rendering and a folder-based config approach.

Notes: Maximilian Schwarzmüller, this dude knows what he's doing, even though his English is not native but he explained it very well.

2. Complete WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Course [2020]

Everything you need to become a hirable WordPress Developer building custom themes and plugins.

Notes: It's nice to listen to a native speaker, it's just so clear and well-explained and this guy always smiles.

3. Nuxt JS with Laravel API - Building SSR Vue JS Apps

Learn Laravel API Development. Learn Nuxt JS from Scratch to build SPA, Static, and SSR Vue JS Web Apps with Vuex.

Notes: Even though I know Laravel but it's nice to see how other people use its REST API for these purposes. What I learned is that state management with vue, is still confusing but I think I get the gist of it.

4. Web Development w/ Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language

This was really fun to learn, he went into full depth about his lecture, and also all courses are well structure so we don't miss any prerequisite area. I can tell this guy is a stoner but a good and cool lecturer... :P

5. Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills & Get the Job

So much to learn from this course, as I am not from this background... It's refreshing to learn from a different perspective. Now there's a new design certificate on Udemy.

6. Quasar V1: Cross-Platform Apps (with Vue 2, Vuex & Firebase)

I'm now enable to make windows and Linux apps with electron using vue and of course android too. Wanted to make macOs and Ios too but don't have the machine.

7. Quasar V1: Weather App for Mobile, Desktop & Web (Vue JS 2)

This course is a quick one, pretty much the same as the other course except the way you fetch data is from Axios and the data source is from an external API.

8.  Quasar V1: PWA (with Vue JS 2, Firebase, NodeJS & Express)

This course is golden, It has deep knowledge about PWA and of course quasar

9. Build a Blockchain and a Cryptocurrency from Scratch

My first blockchain from scratch, the instructor is awesome, and the coding has only 1% mistake, it's like he remembers all the code.

10. An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award-Winning Business School Prof

Learning about the stages of a startup, and showing a real-world example, I don't really get about the financial bit but that's only 20% of its content.

11. Docker for the Absolute Beginner - Hands-On - DevOps

Finally an intro to building docker

12. Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms

At least now I know the basic of Coding interviews technically

13. Next.js 14 & React - The Complete Guide

The thirst of next.js knowledge quenched

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