Closing My Credit Card

After years on using my credit card, especially this one I'm closing. This specific credit card haven't give my any add-on limit to my account and I thought this was not worth it to keep going because I've got more credit card with more generous limits.

At first, I thought It would be better if I go straight to the bank but they said that it can only be done by calling the call center, wasted time to go there. So after making call to the call center, somehow they deliberately waste my time on giving me another deals like another year with no yearly charge and keep on asking me to not close the credit card even I said that If I could go there and close my credit card I would but I can't they still keep on talking endlessly, in the end I've got a card to end this and I said if you keep on talking with this intend I would write a complain using media such as then straight away they change their tone and end it. After a day pass by, they called me to inform that my credit card has been closed.

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