Celebrating 4 Month Pregnancy

In indonesia we do celebrate, when our wife’s pregnant… Some celebrate when 4 month’s or 7 month’s, usually moeslims do this because it is said that the baby is given life at 120 days pregnancy. There was plenty of food and a lot of people in there which related to us came. We got there by train and if it’s on holiday it’s really hard to get a ticket, so we went there at 2oclock in the morning because they sell ticket 3 hour before the train arrive and 1 people can buy only 2 ticket. it took about 6-7 hour to go to purwokerto.

When we arrived at the house, I have met most of them, maybe not 1-3 family yet… Purwokerto is actually an okay place to relax, but haven’t visit any the next day i was thrilled to go around so i borrowed someones bike and go around the place like i’ve been here before LOL *being a smartass.

We haven’t go to batu raden yet and next time if I go there I would like to visit that place.

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