Boost Your Productivity Summary

    • Try thinking through your future commitments well in advance to see if any travel can be combined or eliminated
    • If less is more just think how much more could be
    • Focus on quality not quantity, remember that you don’t really have anything to add to a project, discussion, email. It is better to say nothing. Interjections of no consequence are waste of time and everyones time.
    • Streamlining work life, have a clear focus to only one thing, understand exactly what you are trying to archive, know how will accomplish it, do not allow yourself to be sidetracked or distracted.
    • A powerful technique to help you where you should focus your time and energy resolves around seeing where these are currently focused and determining whether there are which are most profitable for you.
    • Recharge your batteries, remember that time away from work is not time spent unproductively, provided you use it to recharge yourself to work harder and better later on.
    • Defining your target, determine your objective, define parameter, set realistic timescale, identify potential blockers, put in measurement criteria periodically asses your progress, determine how to cope with any setback
    • People often say that motivation doesn't last well neither does bathing that’s why we recommend daily.
    • Urgency -
      • Extremely urgent
      • done today
      • urgent need to get done this week
      • pressing but not urgent
      • need to get this month
      • no urgency need to get done this year
      • Timescale not important
      • Need to get done at somepoint
    • If it aint broke, don’t fix it
    • Nothing was ever hurt by being improved.

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