Be a better developer

We all want to be better at something, that's why this post will be my reminder to become better at something especially being a developer.

  • Being a developer is not just about writing code, it's also about communication, being a good team player, vision, creativity, and other soft skills. This reminds me of someone who thinks that his way is always right, not accepting any input from others, this is just wrong... That's why code review is your friend.
  • Instead of working hard be lazy about things, take a break and come back then look at it from a different angle. This always happens to me when I'm stuck on something, take a break, or even chat with someone about this specific problem.
  • The most important skill as a developer is being able to google things. Google is not the solution to everything but knowing how to use it efficiently is definitely a skill that any experienced developer should have. Check below for how to google things.
  • Unit testing can be a complete waste of time especially when the project is not well defined and likely to change as the project evolves. Quality is a lot more important than quantity when it comes to testing.
  • Customer / User is not always right, don't just say yes to everything. Always ask the critical question, when it's aligned with you then go for it.

Sometimes some people use those online tests about algorithms to define a senior developer. In my opinion that's not true, even new grads will be able to ace those tests, will they become a senior developer? But still, those algorithm is there for something, I still, need to learn those but it can't be something to define a senior developer. To be a senior developer is when :

  • you analyze a problem and find a solution quickly
  • you write advanced code to solve something complex
  • you are able to learn new technology with ease
  • you know about design pattern
  • you can take an architectural decision
  • are a mentor
  • understand business
  • have self-management


  • You need to know that you have a finite amount of willpower
  • You use the same stock of willpower for all task
  • A person wakes up and starts doing the creative work first and he's going to get a lot more accomplished
  • Every unimportant thing you do depletes the willpower that you could be dedicated to the one important thing that you most want in life

How to outsmart everybody else

  • You need to learn to think because thinking makes you act effectively in the world.
  • If you can think, speak and write, you are absolutely deadly.
  • If you're going to make a point and they're going to make their point, you better have your points organized otherwise you're going to look like an idiot
  • If you can formulate arguments coherently and make presentations if you can speak to people if you can lay out a proposal. Everyone will want you.
  • If your student is stupid, they're not going to challenge you.

How to Google things

Not everything but this helps when trying to find a solution for specific things.

Exact match = ""
Specific Url = site:url
exclude = -keyword
after year = after:1999
before year = before:2020
range = 2015..2019 , #..#, $10..$20
comparing = (a | b) c
wildcard = *, how to * something
filetype = filetype:pdf
related =
latest cache =

Teach, Write and Read

If you can explain as simple as you can about a certain topic, that means you understand that topic, the best scenario for this is to teach someone using the Feynman Technique, this will make you think more on how to teach certain concept to a simple.

I believe when you write something in a blog or paper, it tends to stick in head also it also to show the depth or your knowledge.

Reading is must skill to have, reading like a documented open source, technical books, your coleague's code etc, this will improve your knowledge about what they do and imply what you think it's best for you.

Exercise and Sleep

Exercise will help your memory and your thinking, it's important to look after your physicial & mental health, as you know IQ drops off as we age also sleeping is important too, after a long work / study you need to process what you learned into long term memory.

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