Download the file from the moodle site

Just follow the step and if there's missing in the requirement just set php.ini or other config that needs to be updated.

I thought it would be easy just copy and paste the theme folder but it's not that... read the documentation Creating_a_theme somehow I don't really like to read throughout. I did the copy and paste but ain't working then found this on moodle FAQ

  1. Copy folder theme/standard and call it theme/new
  2. In theme/new/lang/en folder,
  3. Renamed theme_standard.php to theme_new.php
  4. Opened theme/new/lang/en/new.php, recommend you change 2 lines to read something like: $string['pluginname'] = 'New theme - Martin D'; $string['chooseredme'] = 'New theme came from the Standard theme and is being changed by Martin D in 2011'; Saved the file
  5. In theme/new/config.php - Change $THEME->NAME = 'new';
  6. Went to Administration > Site Administration >Appearance > Theme settings > Theme designer mode (Checked)
  7. Settings > Site Administration >Appearance > Theme selector
  8. Clear theme caches
  9. Select theme
After trying the steps above somehow it still doesn't show in selecting theme, you know what it's because of the cache... I tried reset cache but not working again. So i thought of how to clear cache the hard way maybe delete somefiles or something but then do this Site administration - development - purge all caches

Then my new theme is showing yay