Trying out Oenpao Radio Dalam

Getting to know which restaurant to go and eating the best food is fun thats why i’m trying all the new things in jakarta like this Oenpao restaurant… First impression was nice, the place is cozy every saturday night there’s a live band playing good songs, actually they did played good and i think it was instrumental, the sound of the violin was something…

The food was great!! even the bubur (overcooked rice) was awesome and that was plain. I tried Hainan Rice with roast duck, Omg it was awesome Hahaha…

The thing i hate in there is the service, the place and the table…
Services = noone can’t hear us in the upper level, can’torder took us 10 minutes to call a waiter and it sucked to wait
Place = the thing i mean in place was the setting for the smoking area and non smoking area, the smoking area is small and it’s in a higher place, okay that’s fine but think about the people in there… the majority people going to oenpao is to hangout, can use wifi and smoke and the way i see it, its more crowded in the smoking area but all the do is drink .

Ergh you do the thinking, to the people who would like to enjoy eating but need to smoke

Location = G House Jl. Radio Dalam No 191-17
Service = Sucks
Food = Awesome
Placement = Stupid

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