Siti Mareta Wulandari

So this person here (Siti Mareta Wulandari) is someone that is quite a nuisance, She has been a teacher in our school Chebira for a while. I would've written this a long time ago but when there's only me telling the story, it would've sounded like a grumbling story but now there's another victim so it would be wise to write something so there's no other victim until she's locked up.

  1. Taken tuition money from parents - so this person here (Siti Mareta Wulandari) asks the parents of the student to make payment to her own bank account, this happens for a while and when confronted, also admitted that she took the money, she would pay back the money ( only paid half and runaway ). She admits and we forgave...
  2. Taken money from student's Saving Card - at first, we have a lesson where the student learns how to save money in the bank, they would go to the bank as a group (excursion) and they would have each a bank account to own. Each month they would go to the bank as a group (excursion) they would deposit the money to their own bank account. The school would hold the card and the parents would have the bank book, so this person here (Siti Mareta Wulandari) dared to take the card and withdraw the money without the consent of the parent or the school. The school went to the bank and ask how was it missing and provided us with CCTV, by the time we were asked to come to the bank, there was another missing, the mobile of the person in charge of the school.
    She admits and we forgave...
  3. Taken mobile phone and got caught in the act - after a few odds of things happening, we pretty much know who stole it but we needed proof. After the announcement of the CCTV came, we told everyone in class that they have the CCTV, maybe because of this incident she became nervous a maybe desperate so she took the mobile phone... from this incident all teachers are being searched from the bag and other stuff we can't find anything, for me after I got a call that someone stole the phone, I had the instinct to leave my workplace and try to help to find the phone, after I came home, I acted to be cautious and angry maybe this affected her then she made a mistake when she moved (currently sitting) the phone dropped and we noticed it.
    She admits and we forgave...

There's a lot more to tell but this is the main reason that this person here (Siti Mareta Wulandari) is a TOXIC person. There's another story that she wanted to be the head of the school, some sort of petition where she would be responsible for a few months and see that she want to make difference. For me, that is a crock of S***, based on her performance that I heard which was, saw being late, almost forgetting everything that needs to be done, her performance as a teacher is so bad, why would you want to be head of something? Told her my usual style (never been good at being nice with knowing she has a bad intent) so I went straight to the point of disagreeing with her promotion ( I think that was the best move or else we probably would go bankrupt ).

There's another story with parents but I think the story above is enough to convince you that this person (Siti Mareta Wulandari) is trying to become someone she's not, sometimes it's called delusion.

To make sure we're on the same page, this is what I could dig up on her.

Email - [email protected]

Her podcast - good on you...
St. Mareta Wulandari
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Her Youtube
SRV4 PDDIKTI : Pangkalan Data Pendidikan Tinggi
Siti Mareta Wulandari - At least legit S1
.:: Data Mahasiswa | Universitas Sriwijaya - Indralaya, Sumatera Selatan

This post helped me a lot to write this... Thank you

Istianah Razak on LinkedIn: #cv #penipuan #penggelapandana #recruiting
Dear all, Izin share terkait tindakan yang tidak menyenangkan yang mengatasnamakan lembaga dan juga terkait penipuan terhadap data #cv. Minta bantuan…
Dr. Siti Mareta, M.A., Psy.D. - Example of Delusion
Her profile Linkedin has been deleted after her post

Update 4 Dec - Someone tried to contact me from NTB, It's good to have helped someone in need. Please do your due diligence, don't just listen to my story have another source, we have 2 victims here me, and the post from LinkedIn above.

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