Reunion Embassy Rabat (Morroco) @ Maroush

We had the 3rd reunion at restaurant Morroco @ crown plaza next to Semanggi plaza. Sadly only 4 of us came Me, Andri, Nia and Yuni (maybe there’s no point of this reunion). When I was there the inside was a lot like marrocan style, nice entrance and VIP. Guess what there’s a belly dancer, i thought she’s gonna be allright but she was hot but didn’t get her name though.

Well the food was no doubt, Awesome!! For those who want to go there here’s the description for the restaurant :

-MAROUSH- Luxurious, opulent, intimate the beauty of Maroush is impossibly ostentatious; a Middle Eastern restaurant that offers a fine blend of beauty, taste, and luxury, completed with a Champagne Bar & Sheesha Lounge. The authentic and enchanting dining experience will fly you to Morocco and back. The ala carte specials are Tuna in Fillo Pastry, Lamb Shank Mushroom & Chili, and Chicken Tagine with Olives & Lemon. Also don’t forget to try their divine dessert, Dark Chocolate Mousse.

Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Turkish

Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2nd Floor
Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto Kav.2-3.
Jakarta Selatan
Gatot Subroto

Tel. (62 21) 5289 2431, 9277 22 77
Fax. (62 21) 5289 2433
[email protected]

Opening Time:
11.30 to 10.00pm on Sunday - Thursday
11.30 to 11.00pm on Friday - Saturday

Special Recommended Menu:

Appetizers : Mix Meze Plate, Harira Soup, Tuna in Fillo Pastry Main Courses : Lamb Shank with Wheat Semolina, Chicken Tagine with Lemon & Olives, Salmon Couscous Desserts : Almond Fillo Pastry, Baklava, Dark Chocolate Mousse

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