Plank For 5 Minutes Every Day

Plank will strengthen your muscles primarily the core. The core is a group of muscles that provides support to the internal organs, these are the abs, obliques, and the erector of the spine.

Why do people often have abdominal hernias? because they have weak core muscles, if a person has developed core muscles, then the likelihood of a hernia is extremely small.

Plank will develop your back muscles, and posture and boost your metabolism, lose weight, help back lower and upper muscles without the risk of injury, and help develop your stabilizer muscle. Most back pain is due to underdeveloped back muscles.

The plank must be done regularly then the effect will be noticeable.

How long should you hold a plank? for beginners 15 to 30 seconds, studies show that plank for as long as possible is not the best choice for your health.

The cons: if you don't follow the correct technique, you can create excessive pressure on the spinal discs, lower back, and shoulder joints, the second that excessive holding of a plank can increase blood pressure, which is why it is recommended to do several sets with a break of one or two minutes.

Contradictions: Plank cannot be done by pregnant women and people who have a back injury. Not recommended for people with hernias or problems with the elbow, shoulder, wrist, and ankle joints.

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