My Prewedd not edited

I just got my self our photo prewed but non edited. When we did our PreWedding photo session, that was using Iphone camera and that was the documentation for it but now i got the master of all the photo from Ferdi (photographer) and Rudy (Concept Maker and photo editor). It was pretty hard to get these photo because of the days of Ramadhan (where most of indonesian goes back to their villages).

This wedding is hopefully (Insyallah), My first and the last, having a family is one of the things in moeslim where everything is nearly Halal. All the moment in here is beautiful, this is where i wouldn’t have thought that I would have a Pre-wedd, but hey back to the first and the last commitment in life.

I will do my best to be a good husband, faithful, leader of the family… and so is she! *Insyallah

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