Finally got my first vaccine, Pfizer... At the time I was missing the first dose and had to wait for another batch for first dose of pfizer, I prefer Pfizer because I heard in the other country they don't accept sinovac or AstraZeneca, I just want to be done with this vaccine but I prefer to be done on my term, so if I were to go to another country, I don't have to take another vaccine so I chose Pfizer.

In here, the way to have a vaccine is through an app called Jaki, and the certificate through pedulilindungi, I didn't understand how this works but then found this on Jaki this helps a lot. After deciding on getting my shot, maybe I was lucky to be late and I had to go to 2 places to with no luck, turns out the best place to get vaccine is in Hang Jebat, they don't have information on what they have for vaccine and it turns out they have it all. I'm kind of scared of needle, I had some shot of vitamin c probiotic a few times and this vaccine doesn't hurt one bit comparing the vitamin c shot.

The place was unexpectedly good and organized, I had to book it from loket dot com. I had a headache when I took this after had the vaccine, I was afraid it would effect negatively on my KIPI, after few days of vaccine I hadn't had any side effect just a sore arm a bit.

They gave me a some card saying that I attended this vaccine and when will be my next shot, after a day in the app pedulilindungi i also get the certificate.

16 nov 2021 - update my second shot

When I wanted the second show, I thought you need to register from loket dot com it turns out all you need is your card to get the second shot. As usual the process is the same, had light headed for a bit but nothing serious. So that's it I'm fully vacinated... Please don't have me taking another shot.