Messed up sellers / drivers

For sometimes, there has been sellers that doesn't care about what they send, maybe there's a mix up or maybe just some human error. Once they do this, it's hard to set feedback that this seller messed up because it ends up in complain and some how they get away with this and for us buyer can't do anything to warn others, well I've got my own place to warn others and that is my blog.



Imagine you buying brand new diapers and in the bottom there's a hole and one of that diapers is crushed. I don't get the seller's integrity, I've complained but he said that he want to sell it again, why would you even think to resell this same product again? We didn't mind because it's only one that's crushed but still, it feels like I bought a second hand diapers.

In the end I didn't get to return it because I already opened it and I don't want this to happen to another buyer.

Star Hobby Corner

Just look at those diamonds, it just doesn't make sense that they don't have a quality control over packages. I've bought 4 liquid bubblegum and 4 uwell catridge and what I've got is only 4 liquid with no bubblegum, it's a grape flavor with no uwell catridge.


Alex Adam Putra - Arrogant driver

Sometimes when you know the system, they just do what they want... they say bad things then cancel the trip, but their rating still up. Doesn't care if the passenger is a women, when asked find the passenger even though the passenger is already waiting on the side of the road but refuses even though he's in a motorbike, and the passenger needs to walk.

Alex Adam Putra - Arrogant driver

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