Getting the Django Staticfiles to work (windows)

I was wondering how was django templating system works and how to use it, took me awhile to get this.
I thought that you need to put all the assets in one folder like in /static but actually its not, the system need to be pulled using python collectstatic then it will store to a folder which will be read by the webserver usually it's called static.

STATICFILES_DIRS = put the assets in here
STATIC_ROOT = This where the collectstatic grabs all data from STATICFILES_DIRS to STATIC_ROOT (where the webserver will read).

Right now I'm putting my assets in the apps which is NOT the right way, I need to put this at the project so can be used in others apps too. I'm still learning this.

Here are the example of

STATIC_ROOT = 'D:/CODESPACE/PYTHON/Madindo/madindo/static'
STATIC_URL = '/static/'

In the index.html

{% load static from staticfiles %}

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