5 minutes of hanging every day

Improve grip strength

A good grip strength is essential for performance cutting across many other workouts such as pull-ups, rows, deadlifts, rack, and all dumbbell exercises.

Posture Correction

The constant stretch on the shoulders, back, arms and lats provided while hanging goes a long way to correct upper body posture defects especially that which develops from sitting slouched over a desk or computer all day known as the Quasimodo hunchback.

Spinal Decompression

Hanging every day will decompress, loosen and stretch out the spine. If you sit often to study or work or need to stretch out a sore back then hanging is the most beneficial and cost-effective line of action for you.

Shoulder Strengthening and injury repair

If you have a shoulder injury, performing the hanging exercise will strengthen your injured shoulder muscle and help your shoulder remodel itself.

Forearm strengthening

Hanging is an excellent way to build both size and strength through your forearms while enjoying the other benefits it comes with.

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