21 tiny habits to improve life

  1. write 3 things you're grateful for
  2. refuse once a week
  3. Exercise for a minute when you wake up
  4. Invest in experiences
  5. Organize your home
  6. Throw things away
  7. Manage your money
  8. Stand up every hour.
  9. Follow this simple proverb "When we have no head, we have legs" Accept what's done is done
  10. Ask open-ended questions.
  11. Turn off notifications
  12. Prepare your clothes
  13. Watch the news less
  14. Drink more water
  15. Discover one new thing a month
  16. Make your bed
  17. Spend a minute a day with yourself
  18. Ask yourself whether what you're doing is worth it
  19. If a task takes 2 minutes, do it right away
  20. take care of your posture
  21. read for 15 minutes a day

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