10 HIIT Exercises to Lose Belly Fat FASTER

Crunches are one of the worst exercises you can do because they don't burn any calorie at all and you can't target the fat on your midsection by doing ab exercises.

The best exercise that you can do to reduce your belly fat is the exercise of self-control when it comes to your diet and what you eat on daily basis.

  1. Medicine ball slam
slam ball

how to https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=74

2. Cable woodchopper

Strengthening with exercises like the woodchop can really help prevent potential injuries.

how to  https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=122

3. Weighted Burpee

how to https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=190

4. KettleBell Swing

Studies shows the average person can burn 400 calories in just 20 minutes with kettlebell workout.

how to https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=248

5. Kettlebell long cycle

how to https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=361

6. Battle Rope

how to https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=436

7. Prowler

how to https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=492

how to https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=541

9. Hammer swing

how to https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=593

10. Turkish get up

how to https://youtu.be/r13frEJgZcM?t=633

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