How to make Windows XP Genuine (Easy)

I had trouble on installing microsoft word 2007 so i need to update my windows… but i lost my cd, Hiks… So i had to find out how to make my windows XP genuine so that i can install microsoft word 2007.

This only work for Windows XP SP2, so if you have SP3 do not update using this because it can detect your WGA, then you’ll be having trouble on operation your system… (that’s what I heard)

I do this because of curiousity, so sorry microsoft 😀

First check if your windows XP is Genuine, if it’s genuine then don’t do the following steps…

1. Download this
2. Click option then change key to V2C47-MK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J or DCK39-9YQYJ-CXJTQ-9W68B-QGQW3