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Idongeng ini sebenarnya menarik sekali, setiap ayah yang selalu membacakan anaknya sebelum tidur pasti suka… Saya sering mencari games buat anak yang sifatnya mengajar itu banyak tapi tidak sesuai ekspektasi, 1 dari 10 mainan itu bagus. Semoga saja kali ini memang the one.

iDongeng mobile apps edutainment yang memuat kumpulan dongeng karya para penulis Indonesia dilengkapi dengan fitur interaktif dan game edukatif.


User bisa mengganti suara narator dan voice actor yang telah tersedia. Fitur ini dapat membantu anak lebih interaktif dengan orang tua dan teman-temannya.

Belajar sambil bermain bisa membantu anak dalam menangkap pelajaran. Nikmati beragam game edukatif di dalam I Dongeng.

Dongeng yang ada di dalamnya merupakan cerita baru karya para penulis Indonesia, dan memungkinkan Anda untuk menjadi penulis berikutnya.

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Haidokter Landing Page


Haidokter is a web health and lifestyle for young gets tips and idea from the best, serving with audio and visual. Talking about audio, they have setup an online radio, every hour or some time there will be an announce tips, not bad for an radio, I think because of the good playlist. They have a good social media content, I love how they add flavor to the image in instagram where they divide to 3 image per row somehow it makes like its in one image in a row.

Well it’s a one page website that has an effect like  powerpoint, which this is a bit of pain in ass on responsive so I had to make 2 layout for desktop and mobile. I’m sometimes amazed how they can make this content so interesting, maybe it’s because I don’t know how to do it but still nice work.

Below is an example of their content… just creative

Hai HealthyPeople, udah tau cara ‪#‎Cekpayudara‬ ?
Tonton disini dan share supaya yang lain juga bisa terdeteksi payudara nya !
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Labbaik Mobi

This website is about an apps called labbaik and it provides complete prayers for all the umrah and hajj for their personal needs, almost like have your own guidance in the palm of your hands. After their updates on version 2 where more features are available to use. The thing I like is their press conference digital where they held press conference live and me having develop the page in 12 hour (it was intence) they requested in the afternoon and be done tomorrow morning at 10am and the conference will be held.


No need to flip the guidebooks. Labbaik contains complete prayer of Hajj and Umrah, from intent, tawaf, sa’i, until the pilgrimage of prayer in the form of audio that completed by the Quranic text, transliteration and translation.

No need to worry of lagged when the muthawif pray. Labbaik completed by navigation control so that the prayer text can be adjusted according to the needs (speed up / slow down). The pilgrims will own their personal muthawif that can guide them eloquent and slowly.

The pilgrims can pray their relatives without none is forgotten. This feature enables the pilgrims to save a bunch of prayer from their relatives.

Can be operated by everyone. Labbaik has simple look and ease the pilgrims while using it, especially the pilgrims who are elder.

Worship of Thawaf and Sa’i can be easier and more convenient. This feature displays the entire of tawaf and sai prayers in one screen specifically. so, it makes the user easier while enunciating prayers when the procession occur.

Solusi Islam
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Kateda Matahari

This is an organization website which is well known as pencak silat, which uses breathing technique ( CMIIW). A friend of mine from the office who is one of the masters in this organization and wanted to make the website bigger because of the old website is not taken care of,  the website was , I think which there was an error in the website the last time I saw the website.

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This is about a website where all the CEO can start, you can start off with a contest where you submit your ideas about that contest it will provide business model canvas where you can just jot down all your ideas to different part. If you have another idea which don’t want to connect with the contest then there’s a cash converter and yes there’s business model canvas in there too. The interesting thing to listen is the appscoast podcast about startups and the reading in article about startups.

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O2danceschool Membership System

O2danceschool Membership system for a friend of mine. is the current website. This Web apps to add student, teachers, classes and a lot of report for the owner. One of them is the calculation to pay the teachers and track the students payments. There’s a lot in mind this could grow maybe adding sending email invoices to parents but this will require more effort offline like to get all parents email. There’s also printing invoice layout to print if needed.

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