Hunting Sekolah Dasar Jakarta Selatan

For me who haven’t been long enough in Jakarta, I may not know all the schools, well this is for you who needs report for all the school in South Jakarta. I’m looking for islamic private school because my daughter wouldn’t get in to public school because of her age. These list are picked for me to find the best school, affordable and reachable, Price is approximate and can be changed from time to time.

Delima School
Price – UP Rp 27.000.000 (2016)
Metode – Even though it says montessori but it’s not
Jalan Bangka XI C No.9B, RT.4/RW.10,
Pela Mampang, Mampang Prpt.,
Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12720
SD Kupu-kupu
Price – UP 26.500.000 juta , 1.250.000 bulan. (2015)

Bangka VII Dalam No.14, RT.9/RW.11,
Pela Mampang, Mampang Prpt.,
Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12720

SD Dwi Matra
Website –
Price –
Email: [email protected]

Jl. MPR III Dalam 30A,
Cilandak Barat, Jakarta Selatan 12430
Telp. (021) 750-6152
Fax (021) 750-6152

– National Plus
– Bilingual
– Islamic

SD Bakti Mulya 400
Website –
Price -30jtjt , 1,5jt (2017)

Jl. Lingkar Selatan, Pondok Pinang, Jakarta Selatan
Telp.: SMP (021) 7658790,
SMA (021) 75909352
Kantor Pusat : (021) 75909351, Fax. 75913888
– Islamic

SD Gemala Ananda
Website –
Price – Up none, 5.500.000/tahun, Uang Sekolah Rp.950.000/bulan,  Uang Materi Rp. 340.000/bulan, Uang Kegiatan Rp. 1.400.000/semester (2015)

Jl. Lebak Bulus III/93, Gn. Balong
Cilandak, Jakarta 12440
Telp. (021)7590-8596
HP. 081284819940
Fax. (021)7590-8596

  • elas 1-3 SD ga ada ulangan,baru mulai kelas 4 mulai ada ulangan.
Azhari Islamic Jr High School
Website –
Price –
Jl. Pertanian Raya No.43, RT.10/RW.4, Lb. Bulus
Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12440, Indonesia
SD Harapan Ibu – Pondok Pinang
Price : 25jt, SPP 1.4jt/bln, ada iuran POMG 700-800rb/bln, tiap tahun ada iuran kegiatan 2jt

SD Kembang

Price 36jt, 1.750 (2016)
Jl. Kemang II No.1, RT.9/RW.1,
Bangka, Mampang Prpt.,
Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12730
1. Setelah mengembalikan formulir, melakukan pembayaran 30%
2. Wawancara, lebih kepada kesiapan anak untuk sekolah SD bukan calistung
3. Setelah dinyatakan lulus, maka melunasi sisa pembayaran sebesar 70% (di bulan November). Jika anak tidak lulus, uang yg dibayarkan sebesar 30% akan dikembalikan.
Dwi Matra Islamic Elementary School
Jl. MPR No.30 A, RT.1/RW.13, Cilandak Bar.,
Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12430
Mentari School
Pricing – 70jt (2016)
Jl. H. Jian No.6, RT.4/RW.3,
Cipete Utara, Kby. Baru,
Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12150
D’Royal Morocco International Islamic School
Website –
Pricing – 30jt , 3-2jt (2016)
Emirates Al Mushonnif Islamic School
Jalan H. Syahrin, RT. 007/007,
Kebayoran Baru, RT.7/RW.7,
Gandaria Utara, Jakarta Selatan,
Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12140
Ar rahman
Pricing : 20jt, 775rb (2013)
Green Montessori
Pricing : 65jt, 3.5 jt(2014)
Jl. Duren Tiga Raya No.133, RT.6/RW.6,
Duren Tiga, Pancoran,
Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12760,
SDIT Insan Mandiri
Pricing : 25jt (2014)
SD Muhammadiyah 5,
Pricing : 14,6 jt , 600rb(2016)
Jl. Limau
SD Kreativitas Anak Indonesia (KAI)
Pricing : all in 20-22jt (2016)
Formulir 350
Biaya gedung dan pangkal 9 jt plus 6.550 jt
Seragam dan alat 1,2 jt plus 1,650 jt
Biaya kegiatan 1 tahun ajaran 1,750 jt plus 1,5 jt
Spp 1,050 jt sudah termasuk 2 ekskul.
Total biaya 22,9 jt
Jl kedondong Jagakarsa
Al izhar
Pricing – 40jt SPP 2.2jt


This is my not recommended list, you know when you want a buy product but there’s a complaint about the product and there’s no response well here’s my lists. Bully is a big no for me.

SD Al Ihklas, Cipete
Website –
Price – 17.4jt , 650rb (2010)
Phone – (021) 7664506
Jalan Cipete III No.3,
Cipete Selatan, Cilandak, RT.6/RW.4, Cipete Sel.,
Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan,
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12410
If you have an update please comment in the comment section below

RedDotRuby in Singapore

First time in Singapore, Had a Ruby Conference RedDotRuby where the event took place in metropolis in Bueno Vista. I never had a meetup or even Conference here in Jakarta, once I go to a conference, it’s a big one, It was awesome…

 Me and my coworker when to this conference paid by our employer of course, to me I feel thankful because my previous work there were no funds for IT to take this kind of Improvement.

So we took Lion Air which took us about 1-2 hour flight to Singapore, in the airport I already planned everything. Get a sim card and learn how the MRT map and payment works, that’s what I did and it was according to plan. Luckily we didn’t take the hotel near the location because there were nothing in that location, there were only offices and cafes. Best place to get hotel is near the city…

I didn’t bring my vape because it is said that they banned vaporizers and might take the item from the airport. The way I see it is… It is ok bring vapes event though I didn’t bring it but I confirmed with my pilot friend he said it was ok… went back to smoke cigarettes for 2 days. Didn’t know about the culture of smoking in there, I just observed what would the people do to smoke then I notice they all gather around the ashtray to smoke.

We had 2 days of event so we make damn sure to take a look around everywhere. Went to Bugis Street, little India, Orchard, Mustafa Centre, Merlion ( didn’t think it was this small should went for a bigger one). The people in there was not that very friendly, I see now why people say that Indonesian are friendly people. Didn’t see any police patrolling around, I ask the driver from Uber that they don’t need the police, only come when there’s a need.

Workshop Introduction to Ruby on Rails At BudiLuhur

Harukaedu (my workplace) has started to make a workshop, at first we were thinking about 3 topic PHP / Ruby / JS, Budiluhur chose Ruby and the topic is Ruby On Rails. I’m pretty new at Rails but I learned some of laravel PHP which is a bit similar so I kinda get the hang of it pretty fast, luckily us at the office the developer gets 1 year of learning in Treehouse which is awesome. Just took a track on Rails and I’m kinda ready… I took pretty long because of my work load is not getting lighter.

The workshop was in Budiluhur, this is the university I studied at, just can’t believe I would be back teaching something in here. we took 2-3 day preparation for the workshop and I learned some few stuff, getting ready for the workshop is not that hard all you need is presentation and talk about, luckily we where doing by learning so more coding than talk. What we present was how to make a portfolio site that has CRUD in it, the idea was at least the students can learn CRUD well for me was the basic of everything.

This was my first time talking to more than 5 people and now 20, somehow it didn’t matter, I thought I would be more scared or nervous but nope, just reminded me when we were dancing ages ago watch by lots of people.

Rabu, 25 Mei 2016
09.00-14.00 WIB
Universitas Budi Luhur

Photos – Slide – Source

Selling my first item online

I wanted the experience selling online even thought i’m in a online business, creating websites. Used to developped facebook commerce which is a online store that uses facebook page to create an online store, also created my own online store using CI framework so I basicly know a thing or two about ecommerce.

In Indonesia, currently there are a lot of ecommerce sites but the ones that are stuck in my head was Tokobagus, Tokopedia, Olx, Bukalapak. My only options are only Tokopedia and OLX… tried OLX somehow they are not so reliable on their security, but then i checked on tokopedia, it made me a bit more secure then using OLX, but then I tried on using OLX to find someone to recruit (that’s about it and it won’t even let me set my website link omg).
First I tried selling a used magazine but it doesn’t attract anyone then after that I sold my HDTV for samsung that has 30pin. The day after I post someone already asked if it’s ready, wow just in a day (and maybe also because I sold it for cheap). I bought it about Rp300.000, I sold it for half of it then I saw in glodok electronic that it’s about Rp.400.000, if I sold it for 300 I would still probably selled it.
Then I thought, how to the hell do you wrap a package and send it to someone? I never send a package in my life. Checked on youtube found a tutorial on how to wrap a package. Then I found out that all I need :
  • paper map
  • transparant sticky tape
  • marker



Wouldn’t thought it would be that easy to send a package…

Disappointed with LG G Flex

It’s been half a year already that i have LG G flex, so far it’s been disappointing that this phone will not get any update to lollipop but other LG’s phones are getting like LG G2 and others same types of phones. The first generation is abandoned by its manufacturer what would you think will happen with “LG G Flex 2”? Premium phone but get ditched by LG, so disappointing. My reason to update is that i need for development which i like straight from the phone rather using virtual emulator.

Would you still buy LG G FLEX 2? Just think a minute, what if you bought this awesome phone with a higher price of an apple / other high end phone price then Android M comes out and you’re still think positive that it will definitely will comes with an update because my phone is as expensive as those apple high end phone then after wait 3 month, no wait 6 month still doesn’t come with an update (knowing some phone might takes more less than a year to update).

Based on Androidpit, “Android Lollipop update: which phones will get it and when?” check on LG F Flex that this phone will get update but after some few research in this site mobile softpedia “LG G Flex Won’t Be Upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop” the title says it all, after looking for more articles seems like it is final that this awesome phone won’t be upgrade to Lollipop.

Personally, this phone is my favorite, it has big screen but not to big, fast, its hardware is high-end also, somehow because of this issues I want a phone that has updates as well. Good bye LG, No more LG


Getaway to Klub Bali Anyer

As for most people, we need to take a break from work and thats what i’m doing right now. we are currently at Klub bali Hawai in anyer, well my first impression was that this hotel is not taken care of but the facility and the service is good as other good hotel around. This place is great for outing with company group, on my stay here there 2 company that stays here first day was pt internux somehow i’ve heard of that company when i googled it was the company that made Bolt internet and the second day was from company i’ve never heard before.

Well I used our car and googled maps to make my way to anyer where i never been in this place, there was three route but the fastest suggestion by google is going through the industrial place in cilegon which is the wrong way, I should have ask someone where which exit from tolls should i take, well next time exit at toll cilegon timur.

After checkin to the hotel we got a nice view from here, straight view to the sea from our, we though there would be beach where my daughter could play her new toy for playing sands but there wasnt any, so we waited for tomorrow to find one and that is the pantai jambu near the marina. when we got there there was someone asking for 50 thousand rupiah for sitting only in the side of the beach, where i thought it was a scam but my wife said there is something like this in here where we sit we pay. There was few surfers in there local and tourist, the wave was allright, dont ever leave your kid alone in here because the wave is pretty hard even for me.

check out the foto i’ve shared below…


Staying at Villa Afrida Puncak

We went to Villa Afrida with the friends of my mother in law, It seems that their website is not taken care of, too bad.
First impression was the house is old but it’s big, it has a pool. The place is hard to find, if you need to go there better ask someone rather than using google map. The place is just right behind the waterpark, you can see the waterpark behind the house.

Kawasan Cisarua Puncak Bogor adalah salah satu kawasan favorit di Puncak bagi berbagai kalangan untuk melakukan kegiatan baik itu wisata, meeting,training,gathering, dll. selain karena kawasan Cisarua berada di tengah-tengah antara ciawi dan puncak, di kawasan cisarua banyak sekali terdapat berbagai lokasi wisata seperti Taman Safari,Curug Cilember, wisata kuliner maupun wisata belanja berbagai khas Puncak.
Salah satu nya adalah Villa Afrida, terletak di jalan Desa Cilember dan berdekatan dengan Taman Wisata Matahari. Adapun Fasilitas yang tersedia diantaranya : 7 ruang tidur, ruang bersama, dapur dan peralatan masak, kolam renang dewasa dan anak-anak, lapangan terbuka dan parkir luas. Saat ini kami juga memfasilitasi kegiatan meeting, gathering maupun Outing tentu dengan biaya yang terjangkau bagi berbagai kalangan. Adapun Program kami diantaranya Paintball (Simulasi Tempur), Arum Jeram, Fun Games, Agro Sawah Dan kegiatan Outbound lainnya.

Taman Safari

So we went to Taman Safari, It was 150k per person and my thought after going through the day actually this was cheap, you see all the animals and the games you play for free the first play for everygame, it was worth it. I thought the place will be ok but it turns out it was exciting, just by sitting in the car we can actually see the animal so close. I wanted to take more picture with the windows open but the others doesn’t like the smell of the animal… Well this is a zoo, what do you expect? well it was exciting but the part I didn’t enjoy was to just sit there with the window’s closed, somehow it’s just like watching a TV.
Anyway after going all that, surprisingly there was an amusement park where my daughter would really like try, like the rollercoaster, that wheel thingy, everything extreme… but in the end for her only the ones for baby but still fun. The event show was fun, it was something new for me where there’s rare birds flying across and how that orang utan actually funny and so on… we missed the other part of the show I think there were dolphins, snakes and something but it was late we couldn’t see anymore attraction. We were thinking of going at night time because it says there’s nighttime attraction but I think it wouldn’t be as fun as daytime. My recommendation time of going there is 10 oclock in the morning.

Hati-hati Penipuan Jual Samsung Galaxy s3 / s4

2013-09-28 10.47.41 (Copy)

2013-09-28 10.50.36 (Copy)

Sebelumnya saudara, sempat nanya… Ini Hp kok ga ada wifi yah, sewaktu saya cek besar layarnya sih sama tapi sewaktu coba di unlock emang mirip banget kek firmware android jadul, pas mau coba ke setting android (dimana2 pasti ada setting mau di android kek iphone kek pasti ada) coba nyari icon setting kok ga gerak iconnya yah… beugh ternyata harus di pencet baru di slide beh ini mah da ketahuan ini mirip hp nokia ane dulu. Nah pas waktu di coba buka baterenya kok susah banget di buka, kuku harus panjang ato pake benda tajam yang lain. Nah pas di buka baterenya semua sama tulisan baterenya SANSUMG abis itu setelah beberapa hari kemudian… eh mertua beli sama persis haduh katanya orangnya lagi butuh duit makanya kasian.

Sebelum beli barang check apakah ini penipuan ato tidak

  1. Mereka akan datang dengan cara butuh duit dll.
  2. Check apakah setelah di unlock untuk meslide layar harus di tekan ato tidak jika iya PALSU
  3. Coba buka dulu tempat sim cardnya apakah ada tulisan SANSUMG jika iya palsu jika tidak check apakah sewaktu buka HP susah ato tidak jika susah banget PALSU.