Personality Test…

I’ve just tried to test myself at where you see your personality by taking a survey and you could even make a badge to put up on your website. You could learn about yourself…

Personality Type ISTP – The “Craftsman”Temperament: SP (Creator)Primary Function: Introverted ThinkingPopulation: 6% (8.5% male, 3.5% female)ISTP Overview
(info, people, careers…)

ExtravertedIntroverted37% 63%

SensingIntuition58% 42%

ThinkingFeeling84% 16%

JudgingPerceiving37% 63%
Famous ISTP’s: Bruce Lee, Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood
Fictional ISTP’s: Han Solo, Boba Fett, Maggie (Million Dollar Baby)
ISTP Career Matches: Pilot, Technical Specialist, Police, Mechanic, Carpenter, Paramedic/EMT
Here’s mine