Driver for LG G Flex MTP

First download the driver from LG site, in there just choose the type of your phone and download the software that is needed. After downloading the above, I had a quite hard time to get this done, it had an alert that I need to download something else from the site microsoft… somekind of update for windows.
Tt seems that the original link that has been given to us, is not quite right.
Maybe it is because of my windows 8.1 It just gave me the link for
“Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 8 ”

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Disappointed with LG G Flex

It’s been half a year already that i have LG G flex, so far it’s been disappointing that this phone will not get any update to lollipop but other LG’s phones are getting like LG G2 and others same types of phones. The first generation is abandoned by its manufacturer what would you think will happen with “LG G Flex 2”? Premium phone but get ditched by LG, so disappointing. My reason to update is that i need for development which i like straight from the phone rather using virtual emulator.

Would you still buy LG G FLEX 2? Just think a minute, what if you bought this awesome phone with a higher price of an apple / other high end phone price then Android M comes out and you’re still think positive that it will definitely will comes with an update because my phone is as expensive as those apple high end phone then after wait 3 month, no wait 6 month still doesn’t come with an update (knowing some phone might takes more less than a year to update).

Based on Androidpit, “Android Lollipop update: which phones will get it and when?” check on LG F Flex that this phone will get update but after some few research in this site mobile softpedia “LG G Flex Won’t Be Upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop” the title says it all, after looking for more articles seems like it is final that this awesome phone won’t be upgrade to Lollipop.

Personally, this phone is my favorite, it has big screen but not to big, fast, its hardware is high-end also, somehow because of this issues I want a phone that has updates as well. Good bye LG, No more LG


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Malware infection detected webmaster

I’ve been dealing with malware lately, somehow it’s annoying and was about to do a clean install in my wordpress site. The thing is, it’s always in my wordpress but not in my other custom made website frameworks and I installed it from the instant installation in my hosting which is Godaddy. Well next time i’ll try to install using and see will it add another malware.

After researching these are my steps

  • Change new password in wordpress admin and hosting
  • Backup wordpress, update / uninstall plugin if necessary, update theme
  • Then download Wordfence Security
  • Find all infected files usually the one with base64, take it out if it’s not core of wordpress or theme else just edit the files and delete them then save.
  • Webmaster : Request fixed issues
  • add description on how to clean the malware
  • then next day google your site using site://

I’ve tried with another site and it works

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12 Jusur jitu meroketkan bisnis notes

  • Kita bertanggung jawab atas segala hal yang terjadi dengan kehidupan dan masa depan kita, gagal maupun sukses.
  • Ciri khas pemimpin adalah mereka menerima banyak sekali tanggung jawab tingkat atas untuk diri mereka sendiri, orang-orang sekitar dan segala sesuatu yang terjadi pada mereka sendiri.
  • Ciri orang yang matang adalah tingkat kemampuan merespon secara positif, konstruktif dan efektif terhadap kesulitan yang tidak terhindarkan
  • 7K = Kejelasan, Kompetensi, kendala, kreativitas, konsentrasi, keberanian, kesinambungan.
  • Aset paling berharga yang dapat dikembangkan dari Perusahaan adalah reputasinya. Reputasi disini adalah bagaimana anda dikenal oleh pelanggan.


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Getaway to Klub Bali Anyer

As for most people, we need to take a break from work and thats what i’m doing right now. we are currently at Klub bali Hawai in anyer, well my first impression was that this hotel is not taken care of but the facility and the service is good as other good hotel around. This place is great for outing with company group, on my stay here there 2 company that stays here first day was pt internux somehow i’ve heard of that company when i googled it was the company that made Bolt internet and the second day was from company i’ve never heard before.

Well I used our car and googled maps to make my way to anyer where i never been in this place, there was three route but the fastest suggestion by google is going through the industrial place in cilegon which is the wrong way, I should have ask someone where which exit from tolls should i take, well next time exit at toll cilegon timur.

After checkin to the hotel we got a nice view from here, straight view to the sea from our, we though there would be beach where my daughter could play her new toy for playing sands but there wasnt any, so we waited for tomorrow to find one and that is the pantai jambu near the marina. when we got there there was someone asking for 50 thousand rupiah for sitting only in the side of the beach, where i thought it was a scam but my wife said there is something like this in here where we sit we pay. There was few surfers in there local and tourist, the wave was allright, dont ever leave your kid alone in here because the wave is pretty hard even for me.

check out the foto i’ve shared below…


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Rails troubleshoot solutions

ActionView::Template::Error: Missing host to link to! Please provide the :host parameter, set default_url_options[:host], or set :only_path to true
Add to the following files in environment
test.rb / development.rb / production.rb

Rails.application.routes.default_url_options[:host] = ''

undefined method …_index_path Ruby on Rails
Your models should always be singular and controllers should always be plural

EXECJS runtime error
Download nodejs

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How to convert .snb

Tried all the converter out there but failed, tried changing all the files into .zip still failed… finally found this from samsung download Snote then install.

After opening the software, go to import then choose the file from .snb then image or to pdf.

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