Boost Your Productivity Summary

  • Try thinking  through your future commitments well in advance to see if any travel can be combined or eliminated
  • If less is more just think how much more could be
  • Focus on quality not quantity, remember that you don’t really have anything to add to a project, discussion, email. It is better to say nothing. Interjections of no consequence are waste of time and everyones time.

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Getting started Trello API Rails

Working in this Trello ruby API, had to make card from contact to trello. First get the developer public key  then get the member token. Just to get started this is only for creating trello cards just to get started.

Add to gemfile

gem 'ruby-trello', '1.5.1'

def create_trello_card
Trello.configure do |config|
config.developer_public_key = ENV["trello_developer_public_key"]
config.member_token = ENV["trello_member_token"]
list_id = Trello::Board.find(ENV["trello_board"])

name: cardName,
desc: cardDesc,
list_id: list_id


RedDotRuby in Singapore

First time in Singapore, Had a Ruby Conference RedDotRuby where the event took place in metropolis in Bueno Vista. I never had a meetup or even Conference here in Jakarta, once I go to a conference, it’s a big one, It was awesome…

 Me and my coworker when to this conference paid by our employer of course, to me I feel thankful because my previous work there were no funds for IT to take this kind of Improvement.

So we took Lion Air which took us about 1-2 hour flight to Singapore, in the airport I already planned everything. Get a sim card and learn how the MRT map and payment works, that’s what I did and it was according to plan. Luckily we didn’t take the hotel near the location because there were nothing in that location, there were only offices and cafes. Best place to get hotel is near the city…

I didn’t bring my vape because it is said that they banned vaporizers and might take the item from the airport. The way I see it is… It is ok bring vapes event though I didn’t bring it but I confirmed with my pilot friend he said it was ok… went back to smoke cigarettes for 2 days. Didn’t know about the culture of smoking in there, I just observed what would the people do to smoke then I notice they all gather around the ashtray to smoke.

We had 2 days of event so we make damn sure to take a look around everywhere. Went to Bugis Street, little India, Orchard, Mustafa Centre, Merlion ( didn’t think it was this small should went for a bigger one). The people in there was not that very friendly, I see now why people say that Indonesian are friendly people. Didn’t see any police patrolling around, I ask the driver from Uber that they don’t need the police, only come when there’s a need.

Idongeng Landing Page


Idongeng ini sebenarnya menarik sekali, setiap ayah yang selalu membacakan anaknya sebelum tidur pasti suka… Saya sering mencari games buat anak yang sifatnya mengajar itu banyak tapi tidak sesuai ekspektasi, 1 dari 10 mainan itu bagus. Semoga saja kali ini memang the one.

iDongeng mobile apps edutainment yang memuat kumpulan dongeng karya para penulis Indonesia dilengkapi dengan fitur interaktif dan game edukatif.


User bisa mengganti suara narator dan voice actor yang telah tersedia. Fitur ini dapat membantu anak lebih interaktif dengan orang tua dan teman-temannya.

Belajar sambil bermain bisa membantu anak dalam menangkap pelajaran. Nikmati beragam game edukatif di dalam I Dongeng.

Dongeng yang ada di dalamnya merupakan cerita baru karya para penulis Indonesia, dan memungkinkan Anda untuk menjadi penulis berikutnya.

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Haidokter Landing Page


Haidokter is a web health and lifestyle for young gets tips and idea from the best, serving with audio and visual. Talking about audio, they have setup an online radio, every hour or some time there will be an announce tips, not bad for an radio, I think because of the good playlist. They have a good social media content, I love how they add flavor to the image in instagram where they divide to 3 image per row somehow it makes like its in one image in a row.

Well it’s a one page website that has an effect like  powerpoint, which this is a bit of pain in ass on responsive so I had to make 2 layout for desktop and mobile. I’m sometimes amazed how they can make this content so interesting, maybe it’s because I don’t know how to do it but still nice work.

Below is an example of their content… just creative

Hai HealthyPeople, udah tau cara ‪#‎Cekpayudara‬ ?
Tonton disini dan share supaya yang lain juga bisa terdeteksi payudara nya !
Streaming radio:



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Workshop Introduction to Ruby on Rails At BudiLuhur

Harukaedu (my workplace) has started to make a workshop, at first we were thinking about 3 topic PHP / Ruby / JS, Budiluhur chose Ruby and the topic is Ruby On Rails. I’m pretty new at Rails but I learned some of laravel PHP which is a bit similar so I kinda get the hang of it pretty fast, luckily us at the office the developer gets 1 year of learning in Treehouse which is awesome. Just took a track on Rails and I’m kinda ready… I took pretty long because of my work load is not getting lighter.

The workshop was in Budiluhur, this is the university I studied at, just can’t believe I would be back teaching something in here. we took 2-3 day preparation for the workshop and I learned some few stuff, getting ready for the workshop is not that hard all you need is presentation and talk about, luckily we where doing by learning so more coding than talk. What we present was how to make a portfolio site that has CRUD in it, the idea was at least the students can learn CRUD well for me was the basic of everything.

This was my first time talking to more than 5 people and now 20, somehow it didn’t matter, I thought I would be more scared or nervous but nope, just reminded me when we were dancing ages ago watch by lots of people.

Rabu, 25 Mei 2016
09.00-14.00 WIB
Universitas Budi Luhur

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Rangkuman – Franchise – Cara aman memulai bisnis

Mengelompokkan kebutuhan manusia dalam 12 kelompok :

  • Manusia butuh makan
  • Manusia butuh pakaian
  • Manusia butuh tempat
  • Manusia butuh perpindahan
  • Manusia butuh kesehatan
  • Manusia butuh pengetahuan
  • Manusia butuh keamanan
  • Manusia butuh kegembiraan
  • Manusia butuh pengakuan
  • Manusia butuh dicintai dan mencintai
  • Manusia butuh dihormati
  • Manusia butuh jadi makmur dan sejahtera
Filosofi bisnis yang sukses

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Your Host May Have Disabled The mail() Function

Tried forgot password on my wordpress admin site then the error appear


your host may have disabled the mail() function

The solution is

sudo apt-get install sendmail
sudo sendmailconfig

Just use the default configuration

sudo reboot

If still doesn’t work

find your hostname

nano /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost yourhostname

change yourhostname to exact hostname that appear when you type hostname